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Natural home remedies For Gum Recession

Are you looking for natural home remedies for gum recession? Do you want to go back to enjoying those tasty sweets with your loved ones again? Are you ready to avoid the unpleasant dental expenses related to getting cavities and cleaning them out? If you have replied yes to these kinds of questions, read on for a few useful guidelines. For more info about Receding Gums Treatment visit here
Bleeding, inflammation, irritation or swelling, and painful gums can be a sign of receding gums (inflammation of the gums) that arises for various reasons. Bleeding of the gums is usually referred to as gingival bleeding, and also it may take place during brushing and flossing. The pain can be associated with infection of the gum tissues.

Receding Gum Line Treatment

Most frequently, receding gums is the consequence of plaque accumulation on the teeth to the gum line. With no proper removal, the plaque is harder to get tartar, which worsens gum disease or can after some time produce gum disease and damage the jaws' bones. Bleeding in the gums, especially when accompanied by superficial discoloration and bleeding at other sites in the body, may also be caused by diseases that interfere with the usual blood-clotting process. Blood-thinner medications are another probable cause of bleeding gums. The hormonal imbalances in pregnancy time can also increase the gums' sensitivity, which may cause increased bleeding sometimes. Those with chronic conditions that influence the function of the defense mechanisms, such as HIV infection or diabetes, may also tend to develop receding gums.

Is gum disease contagious?

While many of the reasons that produce receding gums or gum disease are influenced by the person, there have been some limited scientific facts to affirm that gingivitis or periodontitis-causing microbes can be passed down from mothers and fathers to children and between couples.

Consequences of Gum disease

If not acted upon here, receding gums can result in gum disease. The gums start to retract or are no more connected around the teeth. Spaces referred to as pockets, form in which the bacteria can settle. Plaque forms here, which you may no longer take out yourself. Inflammation increases and develops into chronic, affecting the tissue and also jawbone that keep teeth in position. The result is that teeth and molars come to be loose or possibly fall out.
Plaque is the main reason for gum disease, but different elements lead to this, for example, diabetic issues, Aids, pregnancy, tension, menstruation, smoking cigarettes, and medication.
Since gum disease is not associated with pain, there are many symptoms to look for, such as red or painful gums, gums that bleed quickly, and bad breath.
Excellent oral care is very important to cure receding gums. We have mentioned a few natural home treatments here, which you can use to treat gum disease at an early stage.
Remember that frequent dental and also dental hygiene check-ups are essential for keeping good oral hygiene!
natural home treatments for gum recession

Sea salt solution

Dissolve ½ tsp of sea salt in a glass of hot water. Wash your mouth with this for around 30 seconds and also then spit it out. Continue doing this some times daily, especially after meals. The infection is flushed clear by the saline method.

Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment


After brushing the teeth, use a little honey to the affected gums in the morning. Honey has germ-killing qualities. When applying it, be attentive that honey is full of sugars, so only use gums or not teeth.


Dip a tea bag in nearly hot water for a few minutes or let it cold. Then apply it to the damaged area for 5-6 minutes.

Lemon salt paste

Combine ½ teaspoon of salt and one lemon juice (organic) in a jar until you get a paste. Apply the paste on the gums and leave it on for several minutes. After that, wash it off by gargling along with warm water.

Cranberry juice

Drink Four glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice daily, and this will prevent germs from sticking to teeth.

Baking Soda (Baking Soda)

Create a paste by combining baking soda with several drops of hot water. Brush your teeth using this paste. Baking soda has the quality of neutralizing acids, which decreases the chance of receding gums. Do not use this medicine too much, as it can affect the enamel of your teeth.

Sesame and also Coconut Oil

To decrease gum bleeding, only rub the gums with sesame oil and coconut oil before brushing your teeth. Perform this twice a day.

Clove oil

Massage the swollen gums with clove oil to reduce gum infection. Clove oil has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Raw vegetables

Eat Two or three parts of raw vegetables like celery, carrot, and many others. Regularly. This helps to clear the teeth and also restores the circulation of blood.

Echinacea Extract

Dissolve 1½ tsp of Echinacea extract in a glass of nearly hot water, or use this as a mouthwash. Echinacea has an anti-inflammatory benefit and strengthens the immune system.

Massaging the Gums

Massage the gums with your fingertips in the morning. This stimulates blood flow in the gums, minimizing the probability of gum disease.

Receding Gums Natural Treatment

Vitamin C

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin not only enhances the immune system but is also an antioxidant that helps in gum healing.

Mustard oil

Mix a pinch of salt and a tsp of mustard oil and use it to the gums in circular movements. Do this for three or four minutes, or then wash with warm water. Repeat this two times a day until the infection has gone away.

Cayenne powder

Sprinkle a little cayenne powder on the toothpaste every time you brush the teeth. This reduces gum disease or kills all harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Crunchy Organic Food Items

Eat plenty of crunchy organic food products as they help clean tooth enamel.
Fiber-rich Food Products
Eat lots of whole grains and also fiber-rich fruits and green vegetables. These products aren't just suitable for your immune system, but they also combat the bacterias in the mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide

Combine hydrogen peroxide (3%) in equal components with water. Use this solution to wash the mouth with this; do not consume it. Continue doing this Four or five times every week.


Dissolve a few alum powder in a glass of water. Use this mouthwash at least three times per day. The infection of the gums is decreased by using this effective natural remedy.

Receding Gum Line Treatment Options


Calcium produces more strong teeth and bones. Get sufficient calcium regularly.


Mix 50 grams of turmeric powder, Only two teaspoons of alum powder, One hundred grams of neem powder, and 1 tsp of salt. Rub this powder on your gums, teeth, and molars three times every day.

Cosmetic Clay

In a pan, combine ¼ cup of the cosmetic clay with a little baking soda. Include some drops of tea tree oil, 1½ cup of vegetable glycerin, 1/8 cup of sea salt powder, and some drops of myrrh remedy. Keep the paste in a cold place or use it as a toothpaste.
You can also take some herbs to help fight the gum recession. One of like herbs is Black Cohosh, which can be taken in tea form or tincture form. This herb has been best-known to help persons suffering from severe heartburn or acid reflux. One other herb, known as Cinnamon, consists of an antispasmodic effect; therefore, it is suitable for the soothing problem in the stomach. It also helps in decreasing the infection of the gums. Different herbs, for example, Echinacea and licorice, are also great for treating gum disease and can also control the gum recession.

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